blue wave painted on street pavement  

I've painted pretty little BLUE WAVES splashing along the roads that were originally The Kinney Company's canals. 

Still to come: WAVES on all the original canal streets, occassional GONDOLA's and STREET SIGNS providing the former canal names.

In 1924, four years after the City of Los Angeles aquired Venice, the canals were filled in and paved over, despite the objections of residents. They had been romantic waterways lined with craftman homes and lush gardens. The tidal flow needed improvement and automobiles were tauted to replace the existing and effecient mass transit: Trolley Cars, a Miniature Train & Gondola's.

The canals which remain today in Venice, were spared by the shortage of funds, caused by the Great Depression.


stenciled acrylic paint on miles of street pavement   2013

Windward Circle - The Venice Lagoon
Windward Avenue - Lion Canal
Market Street -Aldebaren Canal
San Juan Street - Venus Canal
Cabrillo Avenue - Cabrillo Canal
Main Street - Coral Canal
Grand Avenue - Grand Canal
Altair Street - Altair Canal
  historic map of the original Venice, CA Canals  
gondola silouette