1998 Laumeier
Sculpture Museum

Artist in Residence
with solo gallery
and one year outdoor

A gallery installation of blown and cast glass Pods with silvered interiors.

3" to 1' organic hollow diameters with solid 1" cast glass seeds.

"Robin Murez captures that wonder in her Pods...the power to amaze...that wonder that comes from looking at the coarse grey and black exteriors then discovering the interiors, where the glass is smooth and iridescent, with gold, silver and a myriad other colored highlights...resting inside are colored glass seeds that that look like magical pearls, released from some kind of superoyster. The glass pods are so visually appealing..."
Ivy Schroeder, The Riverfront Times, 11/25/98

Click Here for: Public Art Commissions: Outdoor "Pods"

"Through direct observation of the natural world, Robin Murez has developed a unique language of natural forms. She observes the details and patterns occurring in nature and relates them to humanfeelings and emotions and, in doing so, enables us to experience nature in a highly personal way... Murez's Pods celebrate the discovery of unexpected beauty in the simple forms that surround us... The Pods release a flood of memories, images and associations and instruct us to look beyond the ordinary to find the truly extraordinary."
K. Adamchick, Curator's Statement, Laumeier Sculpture Museum 1998