A macroscopic sculptural installation
Blown & Cast Glass with Steel 4' to 10' tall x 4" diameters

"Murez offers the most intriguing and freshest vision. Her glass sculptures accommodate the formalists among us as well as those interested in concept. Murez never forgets that while form and concept are important, both are made possible through the objects' distinct and sincere aesthetic pleasures. Quite simply, her forms are beautiful. While their success as art objects is not dependent on this, it is made all the more splendid because of it.

"The simplicity of the construction, coupled with the elegance of their design, renders these objects at once monolithic and delicate...imposing and yet, they seem fragile...The installation engulfs the space and leaves viewers with a recognition of their own bodies and their relationship to the work.

"These sculptures contain a simple, formal beauty that is compelling..."

John Wright, The Riverfront Times, 7/6/1997


"Wonderful pieces"

Ivy Schroeder,
The Riverfront Times